Negative & Drama Free

~~This Group is Not for Everyone and is only for 25 & up (unless prior arrangements have been requested And accepted - NO exceptions)

We are "Doers". We are those who you hear about that have traveled this & that Island, some wondrous monument, and another fabulous resort.

We are "The Get Away Crew".  We enjoy exploring  the world our mighty God has given us.

If you are an individual who enjoys, causes, or gravitates to "Drama", well you may kindly excuse yourself now!  No really...we are not here to entertain you, babysit you, or put up with immature people who are not truly ready to explore the world.  Feel free to excuse yourself at this time and we won't hold it against this point.

Crew, please be mindful of the type of people you introduce to this group.  Try to select those who will fit comfortably with this crew of people.  We are not afraid of Diversity or new people, we just simply have a low tolerance for "BS'ers".  We look forward to chillin', exploring, & relaxing with whom ever is up for the challenge of learning more about this world we live.

Browse the site learn about the others who have shared a little bit about themselves.  Feel free to share whatever you'd like about yourself, we'd love to know you better.

This is what our past guest have said.....

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Angie & Andrea

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